Organic pastry – fresh and kitchen-ready, straight from the fridge!
» The service
You can find our DonauStrudel organic pastries in any well-stocked
refrigerated display case. Refrigerated, packed and kitchen-ready.

» It doesn’t get any easier
Straight out of the packet, into the pastry dish and then into the oven.
In just a short time your very own creation is ready to be served.

» Taste guaranteed
Even after several days of storage in the refrigerator our fresh
organic pastries are a real treat.

» Variety instead of monotony
You can make sweet or savoury dishes with DonauStrudel organic pastries.
That’s why there really is something to suit all tastes and occasions.

» Utterly unique
Only packs of organic pastry bearing the DonauStrudel brand are
guaranteed to be DonauStrudel products.

» Service designed for you
We at DonauStrudel are happy to answer any questions and receive
any suggestions. We focus exclusively on quality!