Fresh organic pastries from DonauStrudel - simply delicious, exquisitely simple

The brand with the recipe for success from Regensburg!

Since 1988, DonauStrudel has been synonymous with a variety of fresh, kitchen-ready
organic pastries from the refrigerated display case in your supermarket.

Our assortment of delicious organic pastries means you can always try something new.
Would you like something sweet today, and something spicy or savoury tomorrow?
Then prepare our fresh organic pastries just how you like them or be inspired by
our recipes.

Our fresh organic pastries are of course made with the best ingredients and are very
easy to handle. Simply roll out, prepare with delicious toppings and put in the oven.
The best thing to do is try it for yourself!

Bon appetit! Best wishes from your master baker,
Richard Eigenberger